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  • POE (Power over Ethernet) Camera-use as Stand Alone Logic or Integrate with Q-See NVR
  • IP Rating 66
  • Up to 80ft Night Vision
  • Weatherproof Camera for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • 100ft. Cat 5 Ethernet Cable included

Q-See QTN8042D 1080p HD Fixed Weatherproof IP Dome Camera with 80' Night Vision (White)

Don’t settle for fuzzy, out of focus cameras that place you wondering if the blur on the screen is a shadow or a person. The QTN8042D is a superb addition to any Q-See NVR logic for continued 1080p pledge. Whether you want to deter theft, verify employee productivity, corroborate and incident, document a delivery, or just check in on your family, this camera is built to help protect what matters most. With a recorded image size of 2560 x 1440, 4MP pledge this Q-See IP camera offers a clarity unlike any other analog camera available to the consumer. This high quality camera offers access to video streams via an internet browser or compatible mobile device. A NVR is not required to view live video feeds! Its ability to independently monitor makes it an ideal standalone monitoring asset or peripheral camera to an existing NVR logic.

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What customers say about Q-See QTN8042D 1080p HD Fixed Weatherproof IP Dome Camera with 80′ Night Vision (White)?

  1. 3.0 out of 5 stars
    Q-See QTN8042D 1080P HD fixed Weatherproof IP Camera, November 21, 2015
    Ralph Furlong (Tacoma, WA USA) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Q-See QTN8042D 1080p HD Fixed Weatherproof IP Dome Camera with 80′ Night Vision (White) (Electronics)
    Vine Customer Review of Free Manufactured goods (What’s this?)
    When this manufactured goods became available to peacefulness, I could only just wait, so I ordered it. Here is what I found:

    1. First, you need to know that this Camera is NOT really a stand alone and it is not complete as ordered. You need to either add a 12 Volt power supply (for direct connection to the camera base) or you need to peacefulness a 48 volt insertion power supply (inserts power into the network cable). You also need to know that the support site is confusing and is NOT really aimed at using this camera in something other than their inclusive security systems. Some information that might help you, but I cannot say it will apply to all of their cameras is the subsequent:

    A. Port number is 85
    B. Account is admin
    C. Password is 123456

    You might try the above with the IP address that your router assigns with their app.if you are using an iPad or an iPhone. Just ensure you use the Q-See QT View HD app. You might be able to get yours online without using a Windows Machine. But, if you want to do any configuration other than the default, you will need the Windows machine to really change any configurations.

    2. Once power is connected to the camera, you need to program the camera. No, you cannot use an iPad, or an iPhone, or a MAC computer. You must use a Windows based machine. If you have a Windows 10 machine, be prepared for a lot of hassle! Their software does not load easily and does have its issues. Still, it can be done. I would recommend using a Chrome browser as it is MUCH simpler than fighting with the new Windows Browser.

    3. Once you have figured out your IP address, the port number, account name, password, etc., you can then log into the camera from an iPad or an iPhone as long as you use the Q-See QT view HD program. No, you still cannot use a MAC as here is no compatible software for it. Also, you will need to be on the same LAN as your camera unless you want to spend some more time setting it up for outside access.

    4. The Windows software facility and it is honestly simple to configure and setup a Windows machine to record and to watch multiple cameras. Things just get a bit odd when you do NOT have a Windows machine (hint, you will need to borrow one to get it setup initially).

    5. Ok, once everything is configured and you have bought your 48Volt injector (unless you have a convenient outlet next to everywhere you want to mount the camera for a 12 volt supply) you are equipped to mount this unit. It is sturdily built and the mounting is very simple with the included screws. What you need to know is that to use the waterproof fitting, you will need to CUT the included connecting cable and place on a either a new RJ45 connector or splice the cable back collectively. If you are using a 48volt injector, this will be the only cable you will be connecting to the camera.

    6. The camera automatically switches on the LED lights as it needs it and only as much brightness as it needs. The picture quality is exceptional in both normal light and in infrared light.

    This cameral is probably best suited for addition into an existing surveillance logic, but it can be used without one with a bit of work on your part. It is just NOT MAC compatible.


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  2. 4.0 out of 5 stars
    Exceptional choice for home surveillance, November 19, 2015

    This review is from: Q-See QTN8042D 1080p HD Fixed Weatherproof IP Dome Camera with 80′ Night Vision (White) (Electronics)
    Vine Customer Review of Free Manufactured goods (What’s this?)
    After our next door neighbor experienced a break-in, I was pleased to receive this security camera. And as we also live on a rather busy road next to the local middle and high schools, here have also been instances of kids doing things they shouldn’t be (knocking over trash bins, banter animals outside, checking cars to see if the doors are unlocked and if they are going through people’s cars, etc.). No one likes to reckon or judge their neighborhood isn’t safe, but this camera helps provide an extra piece of mind must something happen.

    The camera arrived with more than enough Cat 5 wire to run from the camera to the internet hookup. Since it is powered by the Ethernet hook-up, this camera is pretty simple to install. Once installed, in peacefulness to view what the camera sees you will need to download the program ‘QT for Windows’ to your PC or laptop and install it. You also have the ability to see camera view on your iPhone which is fantastic when you are away from home. My hubby installed everything in an afternoon and we were up and recording the same day. If you do wish to record the video, you will need to hold a separate drive on which to store the video feed. The camera itself is well built and predestined to be weatherproof. The field of view is 72 degrees, so when installing make sure you position this everywhere it can take full advantage of the entire field of view. The specs say it operates in temperatures down to -4 degrees, and living in the northern US I really hope this is right! This camera can be hooked up to an existing QT NVR hookup, or daisy chained with other Q-See QT series cameras for coverage over every part of your property. All this for less than the cost of a commercially sold camera logic. I went to the Q-See website (www.q-see.com) to check them out, and they really sell this camera for $100 more. I can’t comment on their customer service as we haven’t had to use it for anything, but I did a bit of browsing in their help section, and it seems to be honestly excellent. Here’s a database you can search, support videos, downloadable manuals, and they are available by email, phone, or live chat. The same support page also offers firmware updates and software downloads.

    The pictures from this camera are of fantastic quality. Even the nighttime images are clear – no gritty or fuzzy images. I like that we are able to view the feed live over the internet if we are away from home, or can check in using our iPhones if we are in the car or not near a computer. This is especially nice as we get closer to the holiday season and packages are delivered. With receiving quite a number of packages anyway due to business, having this extra security to prevent any kind of theft will be incredibly helpful. Since the camera records via infrared after dark, here is no spotlight or lightsource to give away the fact that your home/property has a surveillance camera. The whole profile of the camera once installed is honestly low, so unless someone is really looking for a camera, chances are most people won’t even know that you have one. The only problem we have is the to some extent narrow field of vision as it is possible for security cameras to go upwards of 130 degrees.

    After a few weeks of use, we are still completely pleased with how well this camera is working. We’ve set ours up so the feed is saved for seven days continuous and the ancient footage is deleted so we don’t have to worry about running out of room. It’s reassuring (and simple) to check in on the house at any time day or night. Coupled with the ease of installation, this is a fantastic way to add some extra security to your home. I can see this being excellent for renters as well since as a tenant you wouldn’t have to do any excessive wiring, drilling holes, running cables, attaching to power sources, etc. to install this camera. Letting your homeowner’s or rental insurance carrier know that you have this camera installed may also be worthy of some sort of discount on your policy.


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  3. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Wide angle invisible infrared surveillance, November 14, 2015
    Doctor.Generosity (New England) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    This review is from: Q-See QTN8042D 1080p HD Fixed Weatherproof IP Dome Camera with 80′ Night Vision (White) (Electronics)
    Vine Customer Review of Free Manufactured goods (What’s this?)
    I live in a remote rural area and although it’s not a high crime area, I am away from home often. The ability to watch over the internet what’s going on outside my home is reassuring. (To be honest though, so far what I have seen is mostly deer, wild turkeys and one black bear, who seem to sense when no one is home and sniff around the house!) The Q-See company has brought down the price of multi camera security systems to a level the average homeowner can afford. Although some of their systems are commercial and cost thousands, I have a four camera Q-See which was only about $500 including a disk drive to record surveillance.

    This dome camera is an upgrade or alternative to a basic camera. It is a very wide angle camera, plus a bank of near infrared LED light sources which elucidate a large area outdoors. This infrared light is visible to the sensors but not to the human eye, so individuals (or deer) being surveilled are not aware they are lit up. Also it records very high res images, 2688 x 1520. It’s basically a plug in replacement for one of the simpler cameras that came with my logic.

    It facility. The high res wide angle outdoor night scenes lit up by infrared are very striking and detailed and here is not much going on out here that you will not see. They claim the IR facility to a distance of 80 feet but I really get pretty excellent pictures farther than that. It’s incredible how far these systems have come in recent years with newer sensors, so far superior to the closed circuit TV of 20 years ago.



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