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"This Best Selling Q-See QC814-1 4 Channel Digital POE Solution NVR with Pre-Installed 1 TB Hard Drive (White) Tends to SELL OUT VERY FAST! If this is a MUST HAVE product, be sure to Order Now at Amazon.com to avoid disappointment!"
  • Completely Digital 720p HD Recording Pledge (Connect HDMI Monitor for HD Experience)
  • NVR will Record IP Cameras Located Locally or In the least
  • 4 Integrated Power Over Ethernet (POE) Ports
  • Remote internet monitoring (up to 20 users at the same time)
  • Free Q-See Mobile App (Q-See QC View for IPhone/iPad and Android). Compatible with MAC and PC

Q-See QC814-1 4 Channel Digital POE Solution NVR with Pre-Installed 1 TB Hard Drive (White)

A Pure Digital Solution for Complete Peace of Mind. Monitor your home or business with levels of clarity and detail never before possible with Q-See’s completely digital, high-performance 4 channel Network Video Recorder. The first do-it-yourself digital recorder of its kind, the QC814-1 is pre-equipped with four Power Over Ethernet (POE) ports, eliminating the need to run a separate power cable or buy extra, expensive equipment, saving both time and money. The Q-See NVR’s ultimate benefit is the flexibility it affords through its ability to operate and connect with remote IP cameras. This single NVR manages and records up to eight cameras simultaneously regardless of everywhere each camera is located. In addition to the convenience of monitoring various properties, take pleasure in an extra layer of security by placing the NVR in a safe, low-risk location to regulate access to the logic and its critical recordings. The logic can also access up to eight 1080p/720p cameras for greater picture quality. T

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  1. 58 of 61 people found the subsequent review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Raising to 5 Stars after some use! A TON of VALUE for what I paid., November 23, 2013
    YeahSoMaybe? (Beaverton, OR United States) –

    Verified Hold(What’s this?)

    REVISED REVIEW 12/07/13 of the QC818-461 (8 POE channel NVR with 4 cameras & remote)

    PROs: All 8 channels have POE (Power Over Ethernet) – enough to power your average IP camera.
    Q-SEE is well known and established. So far I get quick responses to emails from their tech support.
    It comes with 4, 720p IR LED (internal Infrared night lighting).
    Cameras have built-in mounts.
    The software (in firmware) looks unpretentious at first but it is VERY excellent and VERY well thought out. Everything you need is here, if you just look for it.
    It comes with 4, 100ft rolls of Cat5e Ethernet cable.
    The DVR has expansion room for a 2nd hard drive that you (yes you) can install).
    ** sometimes ** (not permanently), one or two of my Q-see cameras that are more exposed to the elements just deliver video in black and white. When the temperature warms up (it’s winter right) and/or when the sun is fully up (say 7:45am) the issue goes away. My nicer cameras that I bought separately lose affect saturation by degrees – not all at once. The Q-see IP cameras are still probably better than most “Ancient skool” (analog) CCTV cameras out here.

    It was very simple for me to obtain and add an additional 1 Terabyte SATA hard drive to this unit. 10 minutes and a Philips screwdriver. You connect two cables and you’re done. I now have a 2 Terabyte logic since adding the additional 1 Terabyte drive. With 5 cameras in use, set to high quality,I can go easily 5-6 days of constant recording without having to overwrite any video. Have not setup motion triggering on this logic and don’t know if I even want to. The replay (review of recorded video) software they give you (under “Search”) lets you go back and winnow things down to time slots of days, hours, 30 minute window, etc.

    CONS so far:
    *This Q-See 818-461-1 NVR does NOT transfer data and show images from my 3 megapixel Hikvision IR IP camera (which is fantastic in every other way – I view those pics on my PC.) Q-See vendor support confirmed this re Hikvision camera incompatibility.

    * Only 6 character passwords allowable. It must be minimum 12. I don’t like this but it’s a minor complaint in an otherwise excellent value.

    * The Ethernet cable needs to be unwound carefully. Reason: Highly prone to kinking when weather is colder and you are doing cable pulls through a 3/4 or 1″ hole saw hole.

    I can recommend this “as is” if you are in “Get it done” mode on a budget.

    HEADS UP / FYI: If you want to run a high current gain POE device like a PTZ camera with a built-in heater, etc, this Q-See logic may not have enough POE power to cover multiple high drain diplomacy.

    I bought this setup because some jerk stole two packages off my porch a link weeks ago. The first thing the police said is: Did you see the theft happen at the moment it happened? Do you have any pictures? I immediately arranged to have all packages sent to my work location and then I immediately ordered this setup. I * was * plotting on (next year) construction a mega logic based on a Synology NVR, but I needed something NOW for peace of mind.

    I will soon also have a 2nd logic (Windows 7 Pro PC with Foscam “Blue Iris” software installed. So my particular logic (when it’s finished) will be a hybrid of this Q-See off-the-shelf setup and a Windows setup.

    Here is another huge box store in the US (W something) that typically sells this kit/package at $100
    less (sometimes even $200 off) groundbreaking new. I knowingly paid the extra $200 to Amazon due to their exceptional customer return policy and backing. Turns out that was unnecessary. Now knowing how reliable this logic is and that I want to keep it, if I could do it over again, I might have gone with an Amazon seller to save some bucks. It’s just that security camera systems were new to me a few weeks ago.

    THE ABSOLUTE WORST THING YOU WILL DEAL WITH * ANY * WIRED SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEM: Pulling multiple Ethernet cable runs for multiple outdoor mounted cameras YOURSELF in the winter. Not for everybody.

    I did all the drilling and wire-pulling and trips back and forth to the attic and outside ladders 12 feet up on my own. I drilled holes in my house in places to make this happen (involves later patching/painting, etc). It’s LOT of work if you are installing more than 1 camera. Heck it’s a lot of work PERIOD. Not for the faint of heart if you have no background in it or are not handy with tools, etc. If you are not up for that consider having an electrician do a “proper” Ethernet wiring pull. I would place a value on my private aggravation of the cable pull of $500.00 easily. The amount of cussing, trips to the attic, going under the crawl chairs, yadda yadda. Do you really want to spend your free time this way? If so, yeah it facility. Note: If you want to reduce the size of holes you drill in your…

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  2. 21 of 25 people found the subsequent review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent but could use a small refinement, October 16, 2013

    This is my second Q-See NVR hold. First I got the 4 channel NVR and now an 8 channel NVR. The POE cameras are fantastic since you only have to run a single thin cat5e wire. It’s cleaner if you have the tools / ability to cut the wire to length and place your own ends on. Also, it was cheaper to get the whole logic with 4 cameras than the cameras separately. Also, S@ms club has it real cheap.

    Here are some observations that may save you some time:

    -Be prepared to spend some quality time getting to know the interface. This is the fun part right? Once it’s setup you can mainly use your smartphone for monitoring.

    -The setup interface on the NVR can not configure all the functions. The included PSS software also can not configure all the functions. You will need to use both the NVR itself and the PSS software to properly configure the NVR. I suggest setting it up with a monitor and mouse next to your PC and go through the configuration first on the NVR then install the PSS and go through all the options again until you have it working. Again, neither interface can completely configure it alone and this is why I knocked off a star. To top it off, its not like a whole function is done with a particular interface, its just particular check-boxes and fields that show up in one vs the other.

    -The PSS software has its own user ID / password separate from the NVR. Don’t get them confused.

    -Use PSS to format the HDD. In PSS, add your device then under Device List right click your device and select Advanced –> Device Config. Under Advanced –> HDD Management you can format the drive and it will reboot. This was one of the steps I took on both NVRs before it was working properly. I’m not sure if this was necessary but it can’t hurt when its new.

    -If you are wondering why it is recording all the time it is because it defaults to “manual” for the extra stream. Go to the same place everywhere you format the drive but choose Record then Extra Stream then set it to Schedule.

    -The PSS software GUI was corrupted looking on Windows 8. I fixed this by right clicking the desktop and choosing screen pledge then “Make text and other items larger or smaller”. I then set it to “Smaller – 100% (default). Apparently it don’t work properly with larger settings.


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  3. 10 of 11 people found the subsequent review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Very excellent but a few warts, December 9, 2013
    Tyler Forge (Sunnydale, CA) –

    Vine Customer Review of Free Manufactured goods (What’s this?)
    I had to amend a glowing review after trying out the remote monitoring solutions. This is still a five star manufactured goods though.

    Subsequent the instructions, I reckon it takes less than five minutes to hook everything up and see two channels of video on the monitor. In my case, here were three channels because I happened to have a Dahua IP camera sitting around. Dahua and Q-See are now the same company so you’d expect compatibility. A Foscom camera didn’t work with the Q-See controller – probably because it is an older Foscom that doesn’t support the standard RTSP protocol. The POE (power over ethernet) camera connections make setting this thing up too simple.

    A computer browser aimed at port 85 of the control unit brought up a show quite similar to that on the directly connected monitor except that the video frames were dark. Ignoring the instructions and trying port 554 (the default RTSP port) did not work. Subsequent the instructions and opening port 85 did work. Again departing from the instructions, the Chrome browser worked even though it isn’t officially supported. Chrome questioned if it must allocate quicktime to run, OK chrome, do it. And that was that. Any browser that can run quicktime must work. Here are probably other compatible browser plug-ins. In time, even quicktime won’t be needed as browsers will natively support the video encoding.

    I did not use Internet Explorer because that predestined installing an active-x component on the computer. Huge security risk. Browser plug-ins are at least to some extent contained, especially if you are not using your computer’s admin account. Active-x components can pretty much do no matter what they want to your entire computer.

    Regardless, it only took a few mouse clicks (six to be exact) to tell the browser interface which video stream to show in which frame. The picture quality is very excellent even through Wi-Fi. I was in like. So simple to set up and pretty much everything I wanted. But then, the negatives started to become apparent. Please note – these negatives are listed here as constructive feedback to Q-See. This is still a fantastic manufactured goods and impossible to beat at its price point.

    The largest negative is the default user account on the Q-See control unit. Q-See has a hard trade-off to make. An operator, like me, can change the passwords on the admin and user accounts and then lose the passwords. Many manufacturers place “back doors” into their systems so that customer support can access the unit to reset passwords and be otherwise helpful. Q-See is honest enough to not hide the back door. On the other hand, anyone with the right password can use that back door. So, the Q-See controller is an unsecured device sitting on your home network. If you configure the device for remote monitoring then any hacker can access the device, and your network. Q-See’s alternative is to get rid of the back door and thereby make customer support more hard.

    The next largest problem is that it is apparently impossible to monitor the video with a tablet or smart phone. The Q-See apps are horrible. I tested both the ipad and the android versions and got neither to work. An hour messing with the apps is enough to pass judgment. On the other hand, Q-See has been smart enough to use and support open standards, which is why Chrome-with-Quicktime on the laptop computer worked. It is only a matter of time before every tablet and smart phone browser also supports those standards. So, this problem will simply disappear without Q-See’s involvement.

    The final problem I’ll list here is that the video frame in the browser froze when I unplugged a camera. It blacked out on the monitor but froze in the browser. A frozen show is terrible because it looks like everything is OK when in reality someone disabled the camera. The only hint of a problem is that the clock is also frozen. Luckily, the clock in each video stream shows seconds and it’s very simple to spot a frozen show if you look for it.

    In synopsis, this is a fantastic manufactured goods at its price point but that requires a small more engineering to make perfect.


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